Dog Doesn’t Hesitate To Tattle On Friend When Mom Asks Who Made The Mess

“No matter how cute they are, a culprit is still guilty of their crime, especially if caught red handed in their own mess! One such adorable vandal was caught between the remnants of a mess he made in the middle of the living room and tried to extract the goodness in his owner’s heart by revealing the most adorable puppy face you can imagine. Awww… no!” reads the Rumble description.

They continue: “In this case, a bad deed has been done by one of these wonderful pups. However, the owner must be certain of the perpetrator before coming out with any accusations. So, what’s the best way to deal with such case if not just by confronting these two cute dogs and trying to figure out the causer of such distress. It all proves to be very easy since, one of them, after only being asked in the most gentle way gives up his best friends unlawfully ways.”

Watch as Link throws Kora right under the bus when Mom asks who made the mess in the living room. What a tattle-tail! 😛