They Were Headed Out When They Saw An Emaciated Stray, So They Grabbed A Laundry Basket

Imgur user OhHiDenny took to the internet to share the story of an emaciated stray they rescued on a Sunday morning. The heart-wrenching story has its ups and downs, but you’ll be glad you stuck around for the end!


He later came back with this update on Little One:

“I hope this is the right place to post an update. We got a call from the surgeons about an hour ago. She had a rough night last night but has started to perk up today. Her curiosity is coming back and she’s moving around a bit. All of the nurses just love her and keep sneaking back there to get some pets 🙂

A lot of comments here have asked about a gofundme. Seriously you guys, thank you so much for being so awesome! I have set one up. It is set at $5000 which will be the total for Little One when it’s all said and done. But please, do not think that I am abusing the gofundme. Whether we get $10 or if we get $1000, I’ll still be ecstatic. Again, thank you thank you thank you! Here is the link for the gofundme page.”

Little One has come a long way, but there’s some work to be done. Here’s to good health and an amazing future! 🙂

[source Imgur]