When I First Saw This, A Lump Formed In My Throat. But You Need To Keep Looking…

Little Thomas was brought in by Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society with a terrible cause of mange. His immune system was very weak and his skin was sloughing off. Thank goodness they found him when they did. They learned from a vet visit that Little Thomas only had about 2 weeks to live at the time of the rescue.

The society had an amazing plan in place to bolster his immune system along with medicated baths and medicines to help with the mange. What you see below is the result of only one month’s care. Be prepared to be blown away.

We are so glad the original poster shared this story for everyone to see. The more we know, the better off we’ll be!

Also, be sure to check out the website of the products that were used on Little Thomas.

We just LOVE organizations like this and the things they do to spread awareness. 🙂

Source: Reddit