Man Agrees To Hand Over Neglected Puppies But Wants To Keep Chained-Up Mama

Lisa of Frankie, Lola & Friends Rescue pulled up to a house with some dogs in terrible shape. And as they got out of the car, the owner let them onto the property. It became pretty clear he was unaware of the resources out there available to help the mama and pups, so they remained neglected.

The mama sat there with the heaviest chain around her neck as he dragged out a crate of puppies from the garage. He agreed to hand them over but insisted on keeping Mama. Lisa remained nice and calm and offered to help in any way that she could, and that’s when he surprised her and said “open the door.”

They didn’t leave a single dog behind from the property. “Mama Lucky,” as they named her, couldn’t wait to get out of there and seemed genuinely grateful. All of the puppies found homes, and Lisa kept working with Mama Lucky. The sweet girl played with the other dogs and ate plenty of food and blossomed with each passing day. And two months later, the dog found the perfect home! Wait until you see her life now in the video below. 🙂