Attentive Dog Locates A Boy Being Swept Out To Sea And Doesn’t Hesitate To Help

Man’s best friend is at it again, this time saving a young boy whose life was in danger. The child was swimming at sea at Port Noarlunga when the water started sweeping him out farther away from shore. He quickly became exhausted, and he needed a hero.

Thankfully, Max the Staffordshire/Bulldog mix, was already wearing his life jacket and happened to notice the commotion. The dog didn’t hesitate to jump in and swim all the way out to do his best to try and help!

Once Max got there, the boy was able to grab ahold of the dog’s vest to be guided back to dry land. Amazing! The dog’s owner, Rob, was caught up in the moment and didn’t think to get the boy’s name but would love to hear from him or his family to find out how he’s doing.