Tomorrow Is This 16 Year Old Girl’s Last Day On Earth. What She Did Made Me Cry.

Reddit user CleverFox posted some touching photos of her dog, Meeka, which was about to be put down. For her last meal, Meeka got the one thing she was never allowed to have before: ice cream with sprinkles. While very sad, it teaches us to never take what we have for granted. So go give your dog and HUGE hug as we celebrate the amazing 16 years of joy that Meeka gave her owner.

After so many comments on the original post, CleverFox had this to say:
“Thank you all for the wonderful comments, stories, and comfort you’ve provided. They’ve made me cry, laugh, smile, and wince. I’m so glad I was able to share her last night with all of you, and hopefully that helped you in some way. I also wanted to apologize for making so many of you cry! We often confuse endings with sadness. But, it does not mean it should be a sad/sob story. This is the tale of a happy story – a 16 year old beautiful dog that gave me so many wonderful memories. Now she is able to have a happy end to her life filled with ice cream, instead of discomfort and pain.
My dog’s name is Meeka and she is a husky/german-shepherd mix. She truly is an amazing dog…she use to be able to bark “I love you” and she could escape out of anything you could imagine(even a metal cage)! I feel so blessed to have spent 16 long years with her, but unfortunately it is now her time to run away to paradise. Meeka has forever left a paw print on my heart, and I will always love her.”

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