Dog Out On A Mountain Bike Ride With Dad Hears Meowing Coming From A Tree

Chris Garrison was on a mountain bike ride with his dog, Amaretto, when the good girl all of a sudden stopped on the trail. The pup heard meowing coming from a tree nearby which led her dad to go investigate. And that’s when he saw it…

Clinging high up in the tree was a little cat. It started purring when the good Samaritan picked it up leading him to believe it had been dumped there on purpose. With no one and nothing around for miles, he took the cat back to the Licking County Humane Society.

The cat was named Fuji after his bike, and the little one will remain in their care until ready to be put up for adoption in the future. But thanks to this good dog and owner, the kitten is now beginning a second chance at life! 🙂