Obese Husky Was Labeled ‘Unadoptable,’ But One Woman Ignored The Aggressive Tag

Mishka the Husky sat at the shelter extremely overweight and lethargic. She was not available for adoption due to aggressive behavior and was on the road to being euthanized. But Naleah saw the dog on their website and had to go see her for herself.

She called out to Mishka, and the Husky made eye contact with her. It was then that the woman knew she wanted to take her home. After the obese dog passed her temperament test, Naleah went down to the shelter that day to get her! This was the beginning of a new life.

But at home, Mishka still showed no interest in anything and even had trouble standing up. But the family’s foster puppies really helped to get her to break out of her shell and become more active and sociable. They would start a routine of walks and hikes and trips to the beach, and the weight started falling off! And just wait until you see her a year later as happy and healthy as can be… 🙂