What This Guy Saw Tied To A Tree Horrified Him. What He Did Is AMAZING.

This is an amazing story from imgur user jugzeh as told in his own words:

This is the story of a puppy I found in a rural town in north Florida on May 27th, 2014. I was there 3 days supervising drilling for work. On day one I noticed an emaciated puppy tethered to a tree next to a mobile home. The tether had about 7-8 feet of room for her to move. I did not see a person come outside until the 2nd day. The inhabitants of the trailer were drug users. The puppy was extremely scared and I tried to feed her crackers the first day but she hid from me. The second day I brought her fresh water and after some reluctance she went crazy on the crackers. At that point I knew I would not leave the job without her. On the third day I knew I would either reason with the inhabitants of the home or come back and cut the tether knowing the risks. The interactions I had with them did not go well, but I managed to convince them to let me take her. I communicated with my local humane society and informed them of the situation. I spent a few nights with her before I had my awesome girlfriend bring her in (I was a sobbing mess). The humane society kept me up to date with her progress. On July 23rd, 2014 I was informed she was adopted to her forever home to a loving family!


This is a story I’ll never forget. What an amazing thing that he did for this poor dog. Be sure and share this below.

[Source: imgur]