Dog Almost Scratched Herself To Death Fending For Herself On The Streets

Animal Aid Unlimited set out to rescue a street dog who was suffering from an advanced case of mange. She was skittish and exhausted and had nearly scratched herself to death because of her skin condition. They had to get her back to the hospital right away for treatment.

Her wounds from itching herself had become infested with maggots, so they first applied a powder to remove them. The dog seemed so lost in this world but cooperated as they did what they could to try and save her. She would need a cream applied to her skin and lots of rest.

This is one of those transformations you’ll look at and think it can’t possibly be the same dog. But it is! With the necessary care and love, Nellie Belle now looks totally different and so so good. Take a look at her today all healed up! 🙂