No One Wanted This Odd Pit Bull, But One Woman Thought She Was Perfect

A woman named Amanda from the Watts Project saw a skinny dog run across the street one morning, and that’s when Olive was rescued. She’d clearly belonged to someone before as she had cropped ears and had given birth to several litters of puppies. No one wanted the odd dog, but one woman thought she was absolutely perfect!

“Imagine a potato. The largest potato you’ve ever seen, and then put on the tiniest little legs and then a bowling ball,” Mom describes her. Olive was old, toothless, and skinny, but that didn’t matter. She had a lot of life to live, even at the age of eight-to-10 years old. The pit bull is the sweetest and friendliest girl ever. And today, she’s 15 years old; Mom doesn’t regret one moment and wouldn’t change their lives for the world! 🙂