Faith The Chiweenie Ballooned To 30 Pounds Before Someone Could Intervene

Faith the Chiweenie was brought to the shelter as a morbidly obese stray. She could hardly move or walk, and she weighed in at nearly 30 pounds. A friend contacted Nioaka and said, “This dog needs your help.” So she took her in as a foster and got to work!

Poor Faith wanted to run and play with the other dogs, she just couldn’t. The plan was to lose half of her total weight, and so they got started on rehab three-to-four times a week and a new diet. Faith worked at it as hard as her fosters, and slowly and healthily the weight started to drop off!

Faith then started to experience so many firsts: going through the doggy door and walking up the stairs to name a few. These were huge milestones! She’s so active and healthy now and weighs in at just 13 pounds. You have to see her today! 🙂