Retired Racing Greyhound Can’t Even Walk Up The Steps In His New Home

Paul was forced to race up until the very last day it was legal to hold Greyhound racing in the state of Florida. And then he was on his own — until Elizabeth and Holden decided to adopt him! The poor dog had fur missing all over his body and was very skinny. He needed a change in life, but that alone made him nervous.

When it came to seeing a set of stairs for the very first time, Paul didn’t even know where to begin. But he was now with the perfect people who were willing to see it through and lead him through his new life! The Greyhound was so overwhelmed and just froze up, but one foot at a time they’d encourage the boy. This former racer didn’t understand being a pet, relaxing, or playing with other dogs. It’d be a process.

And as Paul became more familiar with his new territory, his personality opened up! His confidence went through the roof, and he was now going to make up for lost time. Today, he flies up and down the stairs! Make sure you see his story in full in the video below. 🙂