Stray Mama Dog Ran Around Shipping Containers To Deter People From Her Pups

Hope For Paws received a message about a homeless dog who possibly had puppies. She kept hiding under a shipping container leading people to believe the pups were under there somewhere. But the mama seemed to try and lead everyone away from them if they got too close.

The stray was very skeptical and stressed, so rescuers had to capture her gently and carefully. While trying to put Daisy in the crate, her behavior led them to believe she just wanted to get back to her puppies. The other possibility? She hadn’t given birth yet.

They got the mama back to the animal hospital where they saw that she had three little ones still inside of her! Ruby, Garnet, and Diamond soon came into the world, but Ruby was a runt and undeveloped and sadly didn’t make it. The rest of the doggy family is now happy and healthy and being fostered until they get their forever homes. Amazing! 🙂