Dog Had Been Living Under A Shipping Container For The Past 9 Years

Hope For Paws was told about a homeless dog in a junkyard who’d been living under a shipping container for the past nine years. Apparently her owner had been deported, and she was left behind to fend for herself. Rescuers also learned the poor girl had lost her eye after being hit by a truck, and she never received any medical care.

They would take their time to offer treats and try to gain the dog’s trust. Slowly, the gentle snare was placed around her neck to see how she’d respond. It wasn’t long before they got her out of there, and all of her medical problems became clear. They named her Josephine (or Pheenie) and took her back to the hospital.

The senior dog’s teeth were all broken and rotten, and she was diagnosed with discospondylitis and a urinary tract infection. L.A. Animal Rescue offered to foster her for the rest of her days, and during them Pheenie made lots of new friends and received lots of love and affection. But five months after her rescue, she passed away peacefully by the fireplace. While incredibly sad, we’re happy she got to spend her remaining time on this earth as a spoiled pet.

Rest in peace, Pheenie.