Dog Found With His Swollen Head Stuck In A Tire Rim And Time Ticking

A dog was found by a rodeo with a tire rim stuck around his neck. Where he came from or how he ended up in this situation, no one could be sure. They figured maybe he was chasing a squirrel and got stuck. But now the boy’s head was swollen after about four or five days of being trapped in there, and he needed immediate help.

Volunteers from Three Little Pitties Rescue stepped in to help, and they had to sedate the dog to move him. They got to work right away to try and remove the rim as they knew he wouldn’t make it much longer in this condition.

But as much as they tried, nothing worked. So they had to call the fire department who showed up with the jaws of life to finally free the boy after an hour of cutting! Pickle later woke up confused and disoriented but grateful that the wheel was gone.

Kelly took him home after a few days of rest, and he really opened up there with the other dogs! He was even taken to the pet store to pick out his very first toy. Pickle is learning about this new life as a pet and preparing for the day he gets that loving forever home! See his story in full in the video below.