A Police Department Just Tweeted Something They Found. And You Have To See It!

A Virginia police department took to Twitter to live-tweet this amazing discovery and rescue.

A female cat and 13 kittens were left to fend for themselves in this tiny cage. Because the department receives over 250 animal control calls per month, they typically don’t respond to calls involving cats unless they are sick or injured. But Animal Control Officer Kim Maddox made an exception for this case.

The mom and several kittens were found looking a little rough…

Officer Maddox searched the area and gathered them up.

She had to search long and hard to find all of the kittens, but she found every last one!

Some of the kittens appeared to be very sick.

So the cats were off to seek medical attention.

They got much needed food and care.

Now hopefully they will all be adopted and find their forever homes! 🙂

They will remain under close watch at the Charlottesville SPCA but will be put up for adoption as soon as they are ready. I’m so glad Officer Maddox made an exception to rescue all of these kittens. Share this amazing story below.