They Enter A Privacy Fence In The Desert To See So Many Neglected Souls

Local authorities in San Miguel, New Mexico, served a search and seizure warrant on a residential property in the desert and asked the Humane Society of the United States for assistance. And what they found were so many neglected and lost souls…

So many dogs living outdoors in crowded, filthy pens, and some with no apparent access to food or water. Rescuers worked tirelessly to cover the entire property making sure to find every single last dog.

“Typically in an environment like that, the puppies wouldn’t survive because of the struggling for the resources,” a member of the Animal Rescue Team for the HSUS said.

The dogs were scared and hesitant to accept any help, so rescuers would have to take time to gain their trust. They didn’t know it was the beginning of a brand new life! The rescued animals would go on to be examined by licensed veterinarians and receive much-needed care and TLC. 🙂