Protective Dog Steps In And Stands Up To His Mom’s Attacker

“My dog ​, Caduh, is jealous. My brother Josué and I wanted to test it so we performed this pretend attack in my house, and I found out that the Caduh is not only jealous but also very protective.”

This just goes to show how loyal Man’s Best Friend truly is. Their unconditional love for us never falters, and it’s hard to imagine life without them. But someone in the comments made a good point about staging something like this:

“The exercise proved the protectiveness of Caduh, which is a good thing. But I’d admonish not to make this a habitual exercise … could turn Caduh into a more vicious four-legged. Even cajoling this sort of response in a playful manner, could readily give Caduh the idea, the response to respond in kind to any similar event, be it real or in play. I see the decency in the parties involved in this video …. just don’t spoil Caduh’s innocence in the process.”