Man’s On His Way To Work When He Sees An Abandoned Puppy In A Black Crate

For whatever reason, people will abandon dogs in the middle of nowhere to fend for themselves. Thankfully, some of these dogs are found before it’s too late! And the story below is about one of those lucky ones.

“I live in a poor country and very few people live. Every day I go up the hill to work and come home at noon. This day on my way home I had a few desperate moments. My despair to see someone leave a dog in a basket with sacks wrapped around her. The dog that was left on the roadside kept crying when I arrived. The dog was not afraid when I approached and the dog’s eyes wanted to ask for help. I was about to turn away but when I saw the pitiful gaze of my dog, I turned around. I decided to rescue the dog from this filthy sack. I feed the dog with meat. It eats deliciously. Thank you for watching the video!”