Service Dog Went Looking For Help For His Owner Only To Get Swatted Away

A woman took to Tumblr recently to share an important lesson about service dogs, and it quickly went viral. A lot of people don’t know this, so it’s information that needs to get out there. It could’ve gone much worse for this poor woman, but now she’s hoping her close call can serve as a life lesson.

The post was liked and retweeted over 375,000 times on Twitter.

It wasn’t long ago Tessa was diagnosed with epilepsy. She said, “Never had a seizure before, and suddenly I had 3 in as many months.”

She started training her dog, Raider, to help in the case of an emergency.

“I do most of the training on my own, with a local trainer that comes in every week or two to give me directions on how to proceed,” she said.

Tessa is now planning on adding a patch to Raider’s vest that says “If I am alone, follow me!” so this situation never happens again.

Many people reacted to Tessa’s story admitting they didn’t know this about service dogs and wondering how in the world anyone could be so annoyed by a calm dog to swat it away.

Now we know: if you see a service dog approach without a human, please follow to help!

Photo credits: Tessa C.
h/t Bored Panda