27 Dogs Get A Second Chance At Life After Neighbors Report A Bad Smell

A home in Riverside, California, was raided after neighbors complained of a bad smell coming from next door. Inside the house, authorities found 27 starving and 12 dead pit bulls. The owner was not there as he was serving a jail sentence for a drug trafficking charge.

The surviving dogs were rushed to get the care they needed…

Pictured here is Ted, one of the five pit bulls Wags and Walks rescued from the home.

Doesn’t he look so great and different now? 🙂

It’s so sad that some of these dogs had to die before something could be done, but we’re so thankful for the fact that the others were able to be pulled from this nightmare scenario. They would get all fat and happy before eventually going on to find forever homes.

[h/t The Dodo]