Scared Shelter Puppy Sits In The Corner As She Extends A Hand To Show Him What Love Is

A frightened puppy sits in the corner of his cage after going from a home to animal control. He doesn’t know what’s going on or whom he can trust. But it’s his lucky day…

“Next dog leaving with me. Sweet boy… Extremely fearful, but honestly you can’t blame him. From a home to animal control. I really wish people would think things thru when getting a pet. Pets are for Life… Not just something to play with for awhile. This is one of the lucky ones, leaving animal control with me.”
A Place To Bark


What a dramatic change for this pup! He went on to find a forever home and “is no longer afraid of anything” according to A Place To Bark. And it’s all thanks to someone giving him a second chance and showing him true love.