Pittie Thanks School Bus Driver Every Day For Bringing Her Human Home

Pit bulls get a bad rap, but Lucy is just another example of how you simply cannot pin a type of behavior on a certain breed. It’s all about how they’re raised. This sweet pittie loves everyone she meets, but it took her five-year-old, nonverbal human brother a little while to come around to her.

Miranda Peterson

But eventually the boy warmed up to the dog by going on daily walks, and Lucy even started following him to the school bus where she first met the bus driver. And now, it’s a ritual to wait on her human brother every single day! 🙂

Miranda Peterson

As soon as he’s dropped off at home, Lucy runs over to greet and thank the driver for safely returning her little boy! It’s the sweetest thing, and you need to see it for yourself in the video below:

H/T The Dodo