What These Old Dogs Have Seen Is Unforgettable. You Can See It In Their Eyes.

A decade after the events of 9/11, Charlotte Dumas took a look at the search and rescue dogs that served on that day. This resulted in her “Retrieved” photo series.

“These animals were all at the same place at the same time, one decade ago, for the same reason: to work,” said Dumas on her website. “That experience unites them, and was the incentive for me to pursue this subject and to photograph the dogs.”

The images of these dogs searching day and night through the rubble stuck with her. Now years after their service, these dogs live all over the United States. With some help from FEMA, Dumas tracked down 15 of them to create these wonderful portraits.

“The dogs searched and comforted, they gave consolation to anyone involved. Seeing these pictures, I was also comforted. They somehow emanated a spark of hope amidst this scene of destruction.”

These are such amazing photographs with deep, powerful backstories. Charlotte Dumas did an incredible job.

Learn more about the “Retrieved” series here.
[H/T: HuffingtonPost]