Shy Donkey Who ‘Doesn’t Like People Or Dogs’ Meets Pit Bull Who Changes It All

Wendell the donkey was rehomed by his original owner for not liking people or dogs. But the shy donkey was taken in by Jennifer who decided to put him with the rest of the herd. And it was here that the donkey would meet someone who’d change his life

That someone? None other than Oakley the pit bull! The dog showed strong interest in the donkey right away giving him lots of kisses and attention. Wendell didn’t know what to think at first but soon gave in and took to Oakley!

Now every morning at breakfast, Wendell will take some grain out of his bucket and put it on the floor for Oakley before following the dog outside to start their day! They will run around the yard and do zoomies together as the bonded, best buds that they are. 🙂

“The donkey who didn’t like people or dogs sure has changed.”