The sight of a stray snuggling with a toy breaks their hearts — then they learn the truth

The Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project captures and cares for homeless dogs in the city of Houston where there is an alarming amount of strays. The non-profit, no-kill shelter helps by providing food, vet care and forever homes.

But it was one particular photo that went viral and helped shed a light on their situation. A volunteer was out one day when she saw a dog cuddling an old toy for comfort on the mean streets, and she snapped a photo.


Houston does indeed have a huge homeless dog problem. And it’s only with the help of volunteers such as those in the non-profit Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project that it’ll get better.

Hopefully the sleeping stray from the viral photo is found and returned to Calvin or another home if he’s overwhelmed. But it’s great to know that there are selfless people working around the clock trying to care for the dogs and find them forever homes.