He Isn’t Deaf, But Their Dog Doesn’t Respond When Called. Then They Realize This…

Each dog has its own personality. And in the case of Stanley, his parents noticed he was a little different right from the beginning. But his quirks were a little alarming, and mom and dad started to worry about their dog. Stanley is sweet, loving, and physically healthy, but there’s more to the story…


They may never know exactly why Stanley acts the way that he does, but it’s nothing to worry about. The dog is physically healthy and surrounded by people and pets who love him.

His owner added, “He may be a bit slow, but his silly quirks, good nature, and odd little personality makes us love him even more.”

I just love that Stanley is getting a fair shake at life regardless of his challenges. All dogs deserve love and happiness! 🙂

[h/t LittleThings]