Dog Frozen With Fear On The Highway Receives Calming Whispers In His Ear

An injured dog was found lying motionless on the grass between the busy lanes of the N1 highway. He was frozen with fear and growled when approached by rescuers. But he couldn’t get up to run away, and his protruding ribs spoke to how long he’d been out there alone.

After some stress and tense moments, Stephan was on his way to Vet Point for a checkup and care. The poor boy was diagnosed with a concussion (presumably from being hit by a car), anemia, and tick bite fever.

Sidewalk Specials would receive so much support and many donations that went toward the dog’s vet care, and it led to his brand new life. Now named Smegol, he’s the happiest dog with the most loving family! He no longer has to live life scared about what may lie ahead — it’s all love and joy from here on out. 🙂