Struggling Street Singer Consoled By Dog After Being Ignored By Passersby

Wara Rico was looking out his window in Colombia when he saw a singer in the street down below. The performer was hoping to bring in some tips, but the light turned green and he returned to the side of the road empty-handed. But that’s where he received a comforting hug from his best bud.

The white pup wagged her tail at the sight of the man, and they locked in for a warm embrace. Wara was moved by this loving gesture and went on down to talk to the man. He found out the aspiring artist named Anderson had fallen on hard times but always found a way to put his two dogs first and keep them healthy.

Wara then scheduled some checkups at a vet for the dogs, Mayte and Negrita, and even bought studio time to help provide Anderson with a better audience! Thanks to his act of kindness, the once-struggling street performer now has thousands of followers on social media. The future is looking up for Anderson and his loyal dogs. 🙂