Tiny Chihuahua Pup Born Prematurely Musters Up Some Energy To Play With Toys

Stuart the Chihuahua was born prematurely, and his foster had never seen anything like him. “His little head was the size of my thumb,” she said. The puppy came from a fellow foster with a pregnant Chihuahua who had gone through an abnormal labor situation. And little Stuart was the result…

He was so small he couldn’t even properly nurse from his mother, so he’d need to be fed with a syringe. Foster mom Anita would wake up every few hours throughout the night to make sure he received the care he needed, and it wasn’t long before the dog’s “spunk” started to show!

Stewie’s development was still behind, but he was now able to muster up enough energy to play with some sensory-type toys! The little miracle pup starting showing more and more progress every day, and eventually he was able to go on to a loving forever home. It was hard for Anita to say goodbye, but this was the perfect mom for him! 🙂