A Mother And Puppy Were Abandoned In The Desert And Left To Fend For Themselves

Hope For Paws received a call about two dogs abandoned in the desert and set out for the border between California, Arizona, and Nevada. It was here that the strays found refuge at a train company. The mother was very protective of her puppy, and the two had never been touched by humans. So rescuers took some time to try and establish trust.

They couldn’t let the dogs retreat back under the structure and hide, so they spent two hours carefully crafting a giant trap! In order to let Phryne and Essie get used to their new setup, the rescuers left food and water and went to stay at a motel near the Colorado River. They came back the next morning and drew up the final plan of action.

After a rough and stressful few minutes, it’d be all worth it. It was far better than the alternative of letting the dogs starve out in the hot desert. Phryne and Essie headed back for some bubble baths at the animal hospital, and L.A. Animal Rescue decided to foster them! And the two dogs have already come so far under their care. See them in the video below. 🙂