NFL Star Sits In A Hot Car To Show What Dogs Endure In High Temperatures

Tyrann Mathieu, safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, volunteered for a public service announcement with PETA to demonstrate the consequences of leaving a dog inside a car on a hot day, even for the quickest errand. Simply put, dogs should never be left alone in a car during warm weather even with the windows cracked.

In only eight minutes, the vehicle temperature is up to 120ºF on a 90ºF day. And unlike humans, dogs can’t sweat. So when temperatures get this high, they have no way to cool themselves.

Take a look at the handy chart below to see just how miserable it can get locked inside of a hot vehicle. It’s hard to believe people still think it’s okay to leave their pets in the car like this, so share this post to help get the word out!