Little Dog Was Abandoned On The Street A Year Ago And Became Unrecognizable

Little Theo was abandoned on the streets a year ago by his owner, and without love and care, the dog became unrecognizable. But Hope For Paws set out to help and found him underneath a vehicle…

The dog didn’t trust anyone and didn’t want to be touched, so the rescue would be difficult. Eldad doesn’t like to have to use such a large lead on a small dog, but he had no other choice. A few moments of stress would be worth it in the end.

Theo was taken back to the hospital for a checkup and makeover of a lifetime. His true look started to take form right before their eyes, and it was adorable! He went to a foster where he was loved and fit in so well, they decided to adopt him. And now, he’s living the life he deserves! 🙂