What A Staff Member Caught This Vet Doing Is The Most Heartwarming Thing EVER

Remember the vet who took the internet by storm by calming a scared dog waking up from surgery? Well, he was caught on camera once again doing what he does best…

From the BARCS Animal Shelter:
“You might remember BARCS Veterinary Technician Dennis M., whose video captured the hearts of millions when he rocked a scared puppy after anesthesia began to wear off. One of his fellow vet techs caught him again yesterday holding on tight to a much larger dog, Sokka, who was feeling the weird after effects of anesthesia. Sokka had emergency surgery to save her life right at our shelter. Because her case was so severe, we knew she wouldn’t make it to an ER vet.”

“Sometimes, pets come in to BARCS that are too critical and sick to wait for transport to one of our partnering emergency veterinary clinics. Luckily, BARCS has experienced and skilled veterinarians and surgical technicians on staff—seven days a week—when pets like Sokka come in. Sokka, an eight-year-old black Labrador Retriever, first came to the attention of our shelter through our low-cost, public vaccine clinic. Our veterinarians, expressed concern for the family about Sokka’s bloated belly, asking them to please get her to a veterinarian soon.

Unfortunately for suffering Sokka, the family did not bring her for care. The next time we saw her was yesterday here at BARCS, after she came in through an emergency Animal Control call. Her abdomen was huge and swollen, she could not walk and the family reported she had not eaten in four days. Our veterinarians and kennel team carried her in on a stretcher straight to our surgery room. That is when it was determined that Sokka was too critical to make it to an emergency clinic. Although our surgery team had already cleaned up froma long day of spay/neuter procedures, they immediately set the room back up and went to work to save Sokka.

It was found that Sokka had an infected uterus, a condition known as pyometra. Pyometra is considered a serious and life-threatening condition that must be treated quickly and aggressively. Poor Sokka’s grew to be more than six-pounds in size (filled with infected fluid).

She made it through the surgery and is now on 24-hour watch, as her health remains critical.

Many of you are already familiar with our Franky Fund, a restricted donation-based program that cares for animals who require outside emergency or specialized care. That fund does not cover the costs for equipment and staff for our amazing and talented in-house veterinary program.

If you are able to make a gift to BARCS’ ongoing medical program — to pay for Sokka’s care — please visit bit.ly/BARCSdonate. Thank you for joining us in saving pets like Sokka.”

I must say that all of the dogs who come into the care of this vet are extremely lucky. He goes above and beyond to make sure they feel as good as possible.