You’ve Seen Dog Reunions Before But NOTHING Like This One… OMG!

We’ve all seen reunion videos between dogs and their owners, but this one is definitely one of the best! Just listen to the Shiba Inu crying out in joy!

“THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!! This Shiba Inu was brought in 22 days ago as a stray on the border of Westminster and Garden Grove. Her owner had no idea that WAGS even existed and had been going to the county shelter EVERY DAY to look for his buddy. He had fliers up everywhere and even was offering a reward! We had so many people come in and want to adopt this dog over the last 3 weeks, but he NEVER made a connection with ANYONE! He was constantly trying to escape from us and his entire purpose while he was here was to get back to his owner. All of us here were in agreement that he was “looking for someone” every time he was out of his kennel. Well last night, we found who he was looking for! BEST REDEMPTION MOMENT EVER!!”