Dog’s Trying To Get A Shower, But His Water-Loving Friend Doesn’t Want To Wait His Turn

Some dogs like water, and some dogs love water. And the excited puppy you’re about to see falls into that “loving water” category. 😉

Watching his big brother get a shower, he just can’t take it anymore. So instead of minding his manners and waiting in line for his turn, he decides to barge right in. A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do, right? So the little fella literally jumps right onto the older dog.

Mom, knowing her dog and his shenanigans all too well, continues on unsurprised. She does start to shower him with the hose a little bit here and there, but it’s not enough! After trying to jump on big brother’s back, the water-loving pup heads around to the other side to try to get between the hose and dog.

It turns out the impatient dog doesn’t just want a shower, he wants to drink and bite at the water. It’s playtime to him! He’s not making this easy on mom or the dog wanting to rid himself of that outdoorsy dog smell.

The older dog is so patient and calm throughout the whole thing, you can tell he’s been here before. Maybe it’s just the difference between an older dog and a puppy, but these two are polar opposites when it comes to the garden hose! 😀

Have you ever seen anything like it? Do you have any trouble when it comes to bathing any of your pets? Watch the video below and try not to laugh!