What You Need To Know When You See Dogs Wearing Yellow Ribbons Or Leashes

We all love dogs. That’s why we’re on this site, right? 🙂 They don’t call them Man’s Best Friend for nothing, and their companionship is second to none.

What’s not to love? They are loyal, adorable, and can be super playful and friendly. But that doesn’t always apply to every dog. In fact, some dogs just need their space. And that’s what The Yellow Dog Project is all about.

Started in 2012 by Tara Palardy of Alberta, Canada, The Yellow Dog Project is trying to bring about public awareness for DINOS — Dogs In Need Of Space. So if you see a yellow ribbon or something yellow on a dog’s leash, it’s a warning sign to give them some room.

It’s easy to want to pet and snuggle every dog we see, but there are several reasons that may not be appropriate the next time you see an adorable pooch at the park. When you see the yellow ribbon, think of a yellow traffic light — proceed with caution.

A dog wearing a yellow ribbon is doing so for one of many reasons: it’s currently in training, being rehabilitated, has some health issues, or maybe it just doesn’t react well around other dogs. So maintain distance and ask the owner any questions you may have.

It doesn’t mean the dog is aggressive or mean, it just needs some space. Dogs go through different emotions just like humans and need to be treated the same way.

The Yellow Dog Project wants to make it clear that tying a yellow ribbon on your dog’s collar doesn’t excuse neglect or poor training. It’s not a waiver of your responsibility to properly raise a dog.

So should you see a dog with a yellow ribbon or leash, proceed with caution and do not automatically approach. That dog needs some room to breathe just as we all do at times.

This is such a great idea, and we hope it catches on all over. Let’s help spread the word and keep these dogs as comfortable as can be.

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