This Dog Thought The Streets Were The Best Life Had To Offer And Settled In

Hope For Paws were informed of a homeless dog trying to fend for himself out on the streets. He hadn’t been touched by a human in a long time — maybe ever. So to say it would be a challenge to capture the boy would be an understatement. When they arrived on scene, they spotted him taking refuge under a car.

The dog got nervous when they tried to pick him up, so they had to be careful with the gentle snare and leash. The few moments of stress would be worth it in the end for Ziggy, he just didn’t know it. When he was taken in for a checkup, they discovered he’s only three years old! After a nice grooming session, he looked like a brand new dog and was able to move onto a place to learn how to be a beloved pet. Ziggy will never be alone again in this life! 🙂