Boaters Spot A Dog In The Middle Of The Ocean And Jump To Action

Bryn Crowell was out boating with some friends when something caught her eye; Right there in the middle of the ocean was a dog swimming for his life. Without hesitation, a friend jumped in the water and grabbed ahold of the dog to bring aboard.



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Fortunately, Zuko was wearing a collar with his contact information, so they were able to get ahold of his family. His owners were beside themselves and cried out with joy. It turned out they were also boating, and the dog managed to fall overboard without them noticing. Bryn shared a heartwarming message she later received from them:

Bryn Crowell

Zuko’s owners then sent a picture of a new purchase they made to help prevent future incidences…

Bryn Crowell

How great! What a scary situation, but there was a happy ending for all and a lesson learned. 🙂