The ‘Adoptable Puppy Café’ Has Helped 150 Dogs Get Adopted Over The Past Year

The Adoptable Puppy Café was started in Thailand to help change the perceptions of stray dogs and possibly land them forever homes. In just over one year, the coffee shop has helped around 150 dogs find new lives and loving families!

“People have that misconception that street dogs aren’t smart and when they come here, I think that changes,” co-founder Iza Mirzakhanian said.

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Customers get to spend four hours every other Saturday with the rescue dogs free of charge. There’s no obligation to adopt, but many have done so after their interactions with the pups.

Pichayada PromchertchooBangkokJack

Many of these dogs were rescued from the streets and temples of Thailand, and to make sure they never end up being neglected or abused again, potential adopters have to fill out a questionnaire to show they are a suitable fit.

Pichayada PromchertchooBangkokJack

Amazing! Here’s to lots of coffee and even more stray dogs finding their forever homes. 🙂

H/T BangkokJack News