Dog Was Used For Breeding And No Longer Wanted And Abandoned On The Streets

Hope For Paws received word of a dog who was used for breeding and then dumped on the streets when she was no longer needed. The Good Samaritan who called the rescuers found the dog in her hiding spot and blocked the area off until they could arrive.

The poor girl was terrified of humans, and who could blame her. So Loreta and Eldad approached the dog slowly and carefully. They placed the Lucky Leash on her and named her Brave. When they picked her up, it seemed as if Brave had recently given birth. So they checked to see if she was lactating which she wasn’t.

Brave’s body language also indicated that she had no puppies around, so they scanned for a microchip and headed back to the hospital once they saw that she didn’t have one. She received medical care and got cleaned up and went on to training with Board-N-Behave.

It took Brave months to finally come out of her shell, but she’s now loving life! And her foster ending up falling in love with her and decided to adopt her for good. What a happy ending! 🙂