Man’s Black Lab Runs Off, Comes Back And Jumps In Car With New Friends

Bo the black Lab ran away from home, so his owner set out in search of him. And when Kyle Krier saw his dog coming in the distance in a huge field, he spotted two other “dots” running alongside Bo. It turned out the black Lab had made some friends in the short time he was gone. 😀

As they get closer, Dad realizes Bo is with another dog and… a goat? It sure is! Bo jumps into his owner’s vehicle and the other dog follows. Kyle figures “what the heck, why not” and invites the goat to hop inside too!

How funny is this? All parties involved are now safe and sound and at their respective homes. The other dog and goat, Ozzy and Libby, ended up belonging to the Krier’s neighbors and were returned. 🙂

Laura Krier