Man Takes The Very Shirt From His Back To Save Little One Stuck In The Flood

On a very rainy day in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, some friends were walking in the storm when they came across a stranded animal in need. There it sat as scared as could be in the middle of the road as the flood waters rushed by on all sides.

“After watching a poor possum being swept away by a surging rainstorm, my best friend Abraham, took his shirt off to save the possum and deliver it to safety,” a friend told ViralHog.

Before anyone knew it, Abraham was taking the very shirt off of his back and heading in for rescue! A friend recorded as the selfless man did the heroic deed and act of kindness. The man couldn’t stand by and watch another helpless animal be swept off in the pouring rain and did what he had to do to set it free.