Dog Watched From Afar As They Went For Her Puppies She Buried In The Ground

A mama dog had fended for herself for around two years, and she even had a litter of puppies out here all alone. She buried them in a hole in the ground to keep them safe, but the whole family needed proper care. So Galgos del Sol Animal Rescue set out to try to help.

The dog wouldn’t come near the rescuers and kept her distance, so they went for the puppies first. They all took off running, but rescuers were able to grab the slowest one with a leg issue. Galgos del Sol would then return the next day to capture all of the puppies. And once they had them in a crate, they placed it inside a bigger trap to lure mama in.

But that didn’t work. So they took the puppies in for care and came back for the mother. She finally entered the trap for some food, and they finally had her! She was taken back to the rescue to be reunited with her pups, and they’d stay there until ready for adoption. The puppies are all currently in their loving forever homes, and the rescue is working on a foster for the sweet mama. Great work by the team! 🙂