Sick, Injured Stray Wandered Up To The Right Place In The Middle Of Nowhere

Sometimes it seems as if things just happen for a reason. And for one sick and injured dog, wandering up to this random home in the middle of nowhere is exactly what was supposed to happen and where she was supposed to be.

Dogs rarely come up to this family’s house, so they thought it was so strange to see a stray outside one day. The dog was badly injured and needed some help. She also wanted some friends in this big, lonely world. And all of those things would be provided by this man and his loving family. He decided to take the dog to the vet to see if they could get her feeling better.

The dad could tell she was sick, and she had lots of scratches and scars all over her body. But he had no idea just exactly how much this dog had been through. After a couple of days, he got a call from the vet who said he’d found some injuries and that she’d been hit by a car at some point in her life. With a fractured hip and some nerve damage, the dog would need some serious help.

The man knew it would get expensive, but he refused to give up on her. “But you know, what do you do? You can’t let them die.” So he named her Betsy and decided she’d be sticking around; they were officially adopting her. Betsy made the best decision possible without even knowing it. 🙂