Woman Finds Broken Dog While On Vacation, Follows Him To A Lonely Barn

While on vacation, a woman named Kiara Ijzendoorn was driving down a road in Crete, Greece, with her family when they saw a dog lying in the middle of the street. They stopped the car so he could crawl out of the way, but he could barely move.

She knew she had to do everything she could to help the poor thing. Upon further inspection, the woman noticed the dog had a broken spine and his leg was totally paralyzed.

Kiara discovered the dog had been living in a barn nearby. So over the next few days, she would visit to feed and take care of the injured pup.


She named him Fos, meaning “shining” in Greek. He was all alone in the barn, so he was extremely happy every time he saw his new friends. Despite whatever he’d been through, Fos was a sweet, loving dog.

Kiara knew it right away; they could not leave him behind.

She took the dog to a local rescue where he was seen by a vet. The vet determined Fos had been abused causing the large bump on his back and broken spine. This is also where she officially adopted him. 🙂

After being treated for his injuries, Fos flew home to Holland with his new family just a few days later.

He’s now living his new life and recovering from his broken spine but doing much better. If it weren’t for Kiara Ijzendoorn seeing him that day, who knows if he would’ve made it. And now she has a new best friend. 🙂

h/t The Dodo