Offer To Rescue Pup From Tiny Cage Turned Down As Owner Says The Dog ‘Likes It’

Capone lived in a tiny cage on his owner’s filthy porch. It’s the only life he ever knew. PETA fieldworkers found the dog and did what they could to better his life by offering treats and attention. But when they approached the owner about handing the dog over, he insisted the dog “liked it in there.”

When Capone wasn’t in the cage, he was tied up on the despicable porch. For over a year, PETA improved the dog’s conditions to the best of their ability. They refused to give up on Capone. Suddenly, the owner had to go into hospice care. That’s when the family let PETA have Capone for good! 🙂

Capone’s life changed in an instant! Now living in sunny Florida with his loving family and canine sister, Luna, he runs and plays and takes trips to parks and beaches. He’s living the life he deserves, and you’ll want to see it in the video below!