Groomer Who Recently Lost Her Dog Is Unaware Her Current Client Is Her New Pet

Groomer Vikki Sapp has always been an animal lover, and she just recently lost her longtime dog and pride and joy, Diego. And when her coworker, Heather, found out about her dog’s passing, she wanted to do something for her. Then she came up with a big surprise of an idea…

Heather heard about a puppy who needed a home and devised a plan to disguise her as simply Vikki’s next client. As Vikki worked on the white pup, she couldn’t stop commenting on how cute she was. Heather was happy to see it was all going to work out. 🙂

And the truth was revealed when Heather gave Vikki a “take home bag.” Vikki hesitated and said she didn’t even have a dog yet when it all hit her at once. She couldn’t believe it! Tears rolled down her face as she came to terms with the fact that this loving little pup was going home with her!