Dog Was Tethered To A Tree On A Stuck Chain And Couldn’t Reach His Dirty Water

The man who was feeding this neglected dog passed away, and now the poor boy was left in an even worse situation. Tied out to a tree 24/7, he had nowhere to move and only a single bowl of dirty water that he sometimes couldn’t even reach. The dog was begging for freedom.

Takis Shelter arrived and wanted nothing more than to help. The dog wagged his tail and just wanted to run free! The rescuer noticed how strong the boy is and wondered if it’d be a problem in the shelter, but he was determined to find a solution.

The dog was so happy to be freed and taken to the vet for a checkup, and back at the shelter he was accepted by the other animals and fit right in! The good boy was now making new friends and starting a brand new life. “That’s freedom, my friends.”